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Season ends 2023


The conclusion of the 2023 Fishing season is marked by the arrival of the North East Monsoon and cooling seas. This year has presented its fair share of challenges. The season commenced with an unusual prolongation of cold water, lingering far longer than usual. Additionally, we encountered ridges of low pressure that consistently appeared on Fridays and persisted until Mondays, accompanied by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, which unfortunately washed out numerous weekends.

When we were able to venture out to sea, each day brought its own unique experiences. Tuna were abundant throughout the season, with some days yielding catches of three or four different varieties, including Yellowfin, Kawa Kawa, Bluefin, and Skipjack Tuna. However, the absence of Mahi Mahi was notable. We caught very few of them, and even in locations where we typically expected to find many, they were either absent or in scarce numbers. While this season didn't produce the lowest number of Mahi Mahi, it came quite close. On a positive note, we did manage to catch two or   three Pompano Dorado. Current World All tackle record is 5.13Kg on 60lbs line in 2022 USA. An opportunity to go for a World record?

August brought the arrival of the great Wahoo. The best day saw seven of them successfully caught and one released, with a total of eighteen caught over a four-day period. Unfortunately, we didn't encounter any billfish this season, partly due to missing the two months in the middle of the season.

Now that travel has resumed and a number of individuals have left Hong Kong, we are noticing an increase in requests from individuals or small groups interested in fishing on group days. To ensure that spots are not lost, provisional bookings will be held for 48 hours, and confirmation will only be granted upon receipt of the deposit. After the 48-hour period, any unconfirmed spots will be given to the next person in line. If your schedule changes, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary adjustments.

Maintenance work will now commence on Kidusi.

Looking ahead to the next season, we are planning to start again on April 1st. Bookings are now open, and the 2024 season will introduce some exciting new tactics that aim to enhance the overall catch rate.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those who joined us onboard this year. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your experience and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

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